"Lucky Needle is going for an upscale, spa-like experience. think big city vibes."

~Leah Romero, Las Cruces Sun-News
× history ×

2013 – Introduced to Tattooing in St. Louis, MO

2014 – Relocated to Las Cruces, NM

2019 – Apprenticed at Camino Tattoo Studio

2021 – Partnered with Electric Sun

2022 – Opened Lucky Needle

2023 – Won Bulletin’s Best Awards for Best Tattoo Shop, Best Artist, & more

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Tattoo Artist

– 30+ Years of Traditional Art, including

   Pen/Ink, Watercolor, Graphite, Oil,
   Air Brushing, and more!  

– 4+ Years of Tattooing, working booths

   out of Camino Tattoo & Art Gallery,

   and Electric Sun Tattoo

– 15+ Years of Graphic Design, with

   experience in Photoshop, Illustrator,

   and Lightroom

Shop Manager

– 19+ Years of Retail Experience, with

   management of teams across

   GameStop, Target, and Dillard’s

– 16+ Years of Website Development &

   Graphic Design

– Bachelor’s of Science and Minor of

   Arts from McKendree University








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Tattoo Chair and Lucky Needle Cat Wall Plush
The Space

× About the shop ×

The Lucky Needle studio was established in October, 2022, and had its Grand Opening just before Christmas of the same year!  It's a culmination of all of the owners' favorite trends and ideas, merged together into one unique space.

The studio is completely private for all sessions, and is only open to the public during retail hours tailored around the downtown Las Cruces Farmer's Markets.  It offers an upscale lobby and waiting area, a retail space for picking out gifts, souvenirs, and aftercare, and then the primary tattoo station itself!

Clients can enjoy their choice of music or TV as they're having the tattoo applied, or can simply look out the second-story windows down into the Plaza with the Organ Mountains looming in the distance.

The goal of the studio is to be a comfortable, inviting, and unique experience unlike any other that the client has had before!