You've got Questions? We've got answers

× Frequently asked questions (faqs) ×

Where are you located?​

We're at 128 S. Main St. Ste. E, Las Cruces, NM 88001
Find us in the heart of downtown, right across the street from the Plaza de Las Cruces, and sandwiched between Downtown Blues Coffee and New Mexico Marketplace & Bakery. We're on the second floor, overlooking the plaza and the Organ Mountains!

Where do i park?​

There's limited street-side parking right in front of the shop, or a large (and free) parking lot behind our building.


how long have you been there? when did you start tattooing?

We had a trial soft-launch in November 2022, and our Grand Opening a month later in December!

Our primary artist, Keena, has been licensed and formally tattooing since 2019. She's been a traditional artist - primarily utilizing pen/ink, watercolor, graphite, and acrylic - her whole life!


are you open to the public?​

Absolutely!  We're open for the public to come in, check out the space, purchase from our Merch/Retail Shop, and more:

× Wednesday Evenings: During Downtown Events

× Friday Evenings: 7pm - 11pm

× Saturday Mornings: 9am-1pm

Hours subject to change alongside Downtown events. Please check our [Google Card] for updated hours in real-time!

what merch do you offer?​

All sorts of fun things for the entire family! While we're always cycling out the products we make and carry, we typically have a nice variety of t-shirts, hoodies, bracelets, keychains, necklaces, earrings, mugs, art prints, hand bags, backpacks, coloring books, art supplies, and more!

We also carry a variety of tattoo aftercare products from Mad Rabbit, Saniderm, Dial, and more!

which payments are accepted?​

We accept all major credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Apple & Google Pay, as well as online payment via Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App.

Of course, we accept Cash in-person as well if that's preferred.

How to schedule a tattoo?​

We do all of our booking and communication online via our simple Tattoo Request Form and through Instagram DMs. If you don't have Instagram, we can communicate via phone or e-mail as well.

If you're ready to set up an appointment, you can click the link above or head to the Booking page to get started!

Do you ask for a deposit?​

Yes, we ask for a small non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit when scheduling an appointment to hold the session and account for the artists' drawing time before-hand. This can be paid conveniently online when booking the appointment as well!

do you charge an hourly rate?​

We will quote you a price beforehand for each individual tattoo. If additional design work is added at the request of the client, we'll adjust and agree upon the price before proceeding so there aren't any surprises!

What's the shop minimum?​

With the exception of special promotions and our Get-What-You-Get designs, our standard minimum is $100 per session.


Can I Bring A Guest?

Absolutely! You're welcome to bring a guest, so long as they're 18 years of age or older.

will you tattoo minors?​

We do not offer any tattoo services to minors at this time, regardless of parental or guardian consent.

Is aftercare available?​

Yes! When you finish a session, we'll send you home with trial-sizes of our recommended soap and A&D ointment to get you started.

We also carry various numbing creams, tattoo balms, soaps, lotions, adhesive bandages, and ointments from popular brands such as Mad Rabbit, Saniderm, and Dial all available for purchase.

is numbing cream offered?​

Yes!  We carry Mad Rabbit numbing cream available for purchase.

If interested, you'll want to pick some up prior to your appointment date, and apply 60 minutes before your session for it to be effective.

Everybody reacts differently to various numbing cream options, so please try it out ahead of time to ensure you don't have any type of allergic reaction before your session.

Are tap-out sessions available?​

No, we do not offer tap-out sessions at this time. If that changes in the future, we'll update this page to reflect as such.


Do you offer piercings?​

Not yet, but we're hoping to add a piercer to our team at some point in the future!


Do you take walk-ins & get-what-you-get Tattoos?​

Due to this being a private studio, walk-ins and get-what-you-gets are only offered sporadically when our artists' schedule is light.

Please keep an eye on our Instagram page for any day-of announcements for these types of tattoos!


what is your retail return policy?​

Since most of our products are hand-made, we typically don't offer any type of return on products once they're purchased.

If you have a concern with one of our items, feel free to reach out and we'll see what options are available.


My question isn't on here :(​

No worries!  As questions arise, we'll update this page accordingly.

In the meantime, send us a message via our Booking Page or through Instagram, and we'll get you an answer right away!